The Reformed Forum of Pharmacy Technicians in Nigeria (RFPTN), is a prestigious association dedicated to promoting the welfare and advancement of her esteemed members in pharmacy profession. We are on the cusp of a momentous transformation, one that promises to unlock unprecedented opportunities and elevate our profession to new heights.

The recent publication by the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Benin regarding their groundbreaking 200-level (Direct Entry) admission pathway that has enlisted pharmacy technicians eligibility has ignited a beacon of hope for our future. This innovative initiative, meticulously crafted to cater for individuals holding a Pharmacy Technician Certificate from PCN-accredited schools, presents a transformative pathway for our members to advance their education and skills.

For far too long, the absence of a clearly defined trajectory for career advancement has hindered our profession’s growth and development. This pioneering program in the South-South geopolitical zone, in addition to a few others in the North East, North-West, and one in the South-East, for the interim, shatters this barrier, empowering our members to transition seamlessly from our current roles to a program designed to enhance our skillset and knowledge base.

The University of Benin’s recognition of Pharmacy Technician qualification represents a watershed moment, formally acknowledging the vital role pharmacy technicians play in the Nigerian healthcare system. This program empowers Pharmacy Technicians to pursue continued education, specialize in areas of practice, and potentially ascend to leadership roles within pharmacies and healthcare institutions.

Empowering Pharmacy Technicians Journey Towards Professional Excellence

The RFPTN is committed to guiding and supporting her members throughout this journey. We will be hosting a comprehensive series of information sessions to address your concerns and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding the program details, admission requirements, and the application process. These interactive sessions will foster open communication and equip our members with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about the future.

Shaping the Future, United as One

The University of Benin’s program has the immense potential to propel our profession to unprecedented heights. By embracing this opportunity, Pharmacy Technicians are not merely investing in their own growth but are actively contributing to the collective advancement of our field. Their unwavering dedication to pursuing higher education will solidify the invaluable role pharmacy technicians play in ensuring exceptional patient care and contribute significantly to the establishment of a more robust and efficient healthcare system within Nigeria.

A Call to Action: Shaping a National Landscape of Opportunity

While the University of Benin’s initiative marks a significant step forward, it should not be viewed as an isolated case. I urge other esteemed universities across Nigeria to emulate this commendable trend and establish similar pathways that acknowledge the qualifications and aspirations of pharmacy technicians. The implementation of such pathways on a national scale would pave the way for the creation of a well-defined framework for career advancement within our profession.

Beyond the University Walls: Broadening the Horizon

The transformative potential of the University of Benin’s program extends far beyond the walls of academia. It has the power to elevate the overall perception of pharmacy technicians within the healthcare system. By demonstrating our unwavering dedication to professional development and by equipping ourselves with advanced knowledge and skills, we can earn the respect and recognition we rightfully deserve from our peers, medical practitioners, and most importantly, the patients we serve.

A Brighter Future for Patient Care

The ripple effects of this academic advancement pathway for pharmacy technicians will undoubtedly extend to the patients entrusted to our care. With enhanced knowledge and refined skills, we will be better equipped to provide exceptional patient care. We can play a more prominent role in medication adherence counseling, public health education initiatives, and medication dispensing, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and a healthier Nigerian populace.

A United Front for a Stronger Voice

I urge members of RFPTN to seize this groundbreaking opportunity. Let us leverage this program’s entry pathway to usher in a new era for pharmacy in Nigeria. Together, let us showcase our dedication, our expertise, and our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Let us make the most of this pivotal moment and collectively shape a brighter future for our profession.

The RFPTN will continue to advocate for your rights, promote your qualifications, and ensure that your voices are heard at the highest levels. Together, we can build a stronger, more empowered, and more respected profession.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Azuka Oparah, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UNIBEN and the RFPTN Executives in Edo State, for the vision, leadership, and collaborative efforts in establishing this groundbreaking admission pathway. The commitment of the university to recognizing the value of pharmacy technicians paves the way for a brighter future for our profession in Nigeria. On behalf of the entire RFPTN Community, I applaud UNIBEN and host of others in same light.


President, Reformed Forum of Pharmacy Technicians in Nigeria (RFPTN)


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